Sprinklers & Irrigation

Sprinklers and Irrigation

Your sprinkler system can keep your yard looking beautiful year-round. Because it’s a water source, it can be susceptible to leaks and damage when temperatures drop. With some basic seasonal maintenance, you can help your sprinkler system last, and keep that green grass growing.

The four main parts of your sprinkler and irrigation system are the sprinkler heads, the supply lines, the valves, and the back flow preventer. Each provides an essential function.

The sprinkler heads are the fixed heads in your landscape that spray water in either a fan-shaped pattern or in rotating streams. The supply lines are the irrigation pipes running beneath your yard from the sprinkler heads to the water source. The valves allow you to shut off the water to your sprinkler and irrigation system. The back ow preventer prevents water within your irrigation system from backing up the pipes and entering your drinking water.

Care and Maintenance

Follow these care and maintenance suggestions for your home’s sprinkler system.

Winterize the sprinkler system in the fall. Turn off the timer, and drain the water from the pipes.

Restart the sprinkler system in the spring. Turn on the timer and the master valve.

Check for sticking valves.

Inspect for leaks at the connections.

Check for missing or damaged sprinkler heads and emitters.

Flush out the sprinkler system twice a year.

Some areas require adhering to the regular watering schedule determined by the local water authority. Check with your local water authority to make sure you are in compliance.

To Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Make sure the sprinklers don’t spray the house or the area near the foundation; it could damage the exterior or cause leaks.

If Your Home Is Part of a Homeowners Association (HOA)

 Check with your HOA regarding maintenance, and be familiar with all HOA documentation.