Kitchenology: Kitchen Style For Your Life

Finding Your Perfect Kitchen

Every Pulte home comes equipped with a kitchen that exemplifies our high standards for quality and design. But we know not everyone uses their kitchens the same way, so we took things a step further. Kitchenology™ is an approach that gives our customers the kitchen they want most, with the ability to personalize it to their needs. We interviewed thousands of people about what they wanted and needed most in their kitchens. We then worked with our in-house architects, kitchen designers, partners, and vendors to curate these ideas into innovative kitchen designs. The following represent the three most sought-after kitchens:


The Illuminator™ – For those who love a spacious kitchen filled with natural light.

The Entertainer™ – A kitchen that enjoys being the main attraction at every party.

The Chefologist™ – A kitchen that lets you aspire to greatness with your culinary skills.


When I am in the kitchen I am most likely to feel:

  1. Cheerful and optimistic
  2. Energized and part of the action
  3. Focused and ready to create


My favorite meal that gets made in my kitchen is usually:

  1. One of my time-tested family pleasers
  2. One where I’m hosting friends or family
  3. A challenging new recipe I discovered


Which of the following best describes what you want from your kitchen?

  1. Windows and natural light in my kitchen are as important as everything else in it
  2. It needs to look good. I love to hang out in it – with family, friends, even by myself
  3. I want to have all the latest appliances and gadgets, so I can play in my kitchen


Mostly A – The Illuminator

Mostly B – The Entertainer

Mostly C – The Chefologist

Even Mix- Read more about Kitchenology and discover your best fit

The right lighting is essential when capturing your favorite moments in life. This was the thinking that went into our design of The Illuminator. Windows flow throughout the kitchen to help bring your favorite moments and more to light.
• An abundance of natural lighting exists throughout the kitchen
• Plenty of room for cooking and homework projects to coexist peacefully with ample seating and counter space
• The energy keeps flowing day and night with various types of lighting throughout
• Spacious pantry provides plenty of storage for every size family

The Right Fit

View the Kitchenology feature chart to compare details of each kitchen

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